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Jewellery care



all RiKKE LiNE products are made by hand created using precious materials, each item is unique & needs to be looked after. follow these simple steps to care for your jewellery...

CLEANING: regular cleaning sill help retain shine, wipe over your jewellery with a soft cloth that has been dipped in warm water & a spot of washing-up liquid.  then carefully polish it up.

STORAGE: the jewellery is best protected in the little plastic bag you got with your piece, alternatively wrap the item in acid free tissue or cloth to protect it from moisture that will cause it to blacken.  metals naturally tarnish over time with exposure to the air & environment.  

AVOID: steer clear of harsh chemicals in hairspray, perfume & body creams, to save it from corrosion, so don't do manual labour wearing it or wash, swim, sleep or exercise with it.